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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jan 26, 2022 ( – Panpay, a wholly owned subsidiary of Richwood Ventures Bhd, is a licensed direct selling company in Malaysia approved by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Panpay obtained its license in March 2021 but due to the pandemic situation, it was launched in a small manner and was mainly doing its business online. Even while doing business online, Panpay received a very positive response from the public. This was due to the fact that the products that were sold spoke for themselves and had very good testimonies. Most of the products sold are certified halal as this will be able to target the whole world including the Muslim community. The initial product is known as RL6X which is a noni concentrate that is 6 times concentrated. Noni or morinda citrifolia is well known as a traditional medicine especially in the Polynesian Islands. Noni juice is packed with antioxidants such as iridoids that may provide numerous health benefits including lowering risks of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. RL6X or Re-Live SODLike, as it is better known, is a result of more than 15 years of research done by Professor Tsai Cheng Tsung from the Department of Food Science, Tunghai University Taiwan. Other than Re-Live SODLike, Panpay also has Reboot and Tigran. Reboot’s ingredient includes organic barley grass juice powder, which is a plant packed with nutrients together with prebiotics and probiotics, making it a supplement that is good for your gut health and overall wellbeing. Meanwhile, Tigran’s main ingredient is tiger milk mushroom, a plant that has been used as traditional medicine for respiratory health. As the current virus is attacking the respiratory system, the tiger milk mushroom has gained more attention for its healing properties on respiratory health. It also has antiviral properties and is known to have various other health benefits such as supporting wellbeing and revitalizing energy. Recently on 31 December 2021, Panpay launched 2 new products which are also creating a storm in the market. One of the products, Z-Predator is targeting the Muslim market as the main ingredients are known as the Superfood in the community, namely extra virgin olive oil and habbatussauda oil. These 2 ingredients are considered Sunnah food, which is food that was eaten by the Prophet Muhammad and is highly encouraged to be consumed by the Muslim community. This healthy drink promotes overall wellbeing. The other product is something that is in great demand during the pandemic situation. It is a sanitizer cum disinfectant marketed as Predator CRV5S. This product is certified by the ILAC-MRA (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition Arrangement) laboratory, an internationally acclaimed accreditation board with global members. According to the report, Test Report No. VX-TR-21-1183, the Predator CRV5S is able to inactivate the human coronavirus in 5 seconds at 100.00 ppm (ratio of 1:50, 1ml of CRV5S mixed with 50ml of water will provide the concentration of 100.00 ppm). The Predator CRV5S is highly concentrated and is pure and natural making it completely safe for inhalation and even consumption. It is also proven to be highly effective against all viruses and bacteria. The direct selling multilevel marketing global retail sales is a billion-dollar industry with a total value of USD179.3 billion in 2020, a slight drop from 2019 but considering the pandemic situation, this industry is still a force to be reckoned with. According to an article by Research and Markets, in 2020, the wellness segment held the highest market share in the global multi-level marketing software market, accounting for 34% of the market revenue. Owing to rising health and wellness concerns worldwide, the wellness, cosmetics, and personal care segments are growing. Major network marketing companies have an exhaustive portfolio of wellness, cosmetics, and personal care products. For instance, Amway Corporation’s product portfolio consists of more than 60% wellness, cosmetics, and personal care products. Panpay believes that it’s positioning to endeavour into the health and wellness industry is definitely a positive move. Besides the direct selling industry, Panpay has also invested in QMIS TBS Capital Group Corp, a company that is undergoing its listing exercise in Nasdaq. With its investment, Panpay is now the fifth-largest substantial shareholder in QMIS TBS Capital Group Corp. Panpay’s founder Dato’ Sri Ting is confident that this is a good investment as he is confident that this investment will add extra value to Panpay and its members in the near future.




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