The Richwood Group of Companies are involved in various industries diversifying its investment to ensure its viability and sustainability. The Richwood Group, under its wholly owned subsidiaries, joint venture companies and partners, has been involved in the property development, biotechnology, finance, finance technology, investment, management and consultancy sector in Malaysia over the past 5 years headed by its enterprising and innovative founder and President, namely Dato’ Sri Ting Teck Sheng. Dato’ Sri Ting Teck Sheng is armed with two degrees from University of Wisconsin and Universiti Putra Malaysia in business and economics. He commenced his career in the financial line and has been a financial investment consultant for the past 13 years. He specializes in innovative financial products and brings a new breath into the financial investment products.



The Richwood Group has diversified interest in several industries namely, the finance industry and in particular finance technology; biotechnology which includes health and wellness; property development and management; agriculture, in particular oil palm; education and land banking. The Richwood Group is innovative and keeps moving with time to ensure that the Company is up to date and growing with the latest technologies. In line with this, the Richwood Group is also riding on the wave of the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) to utilize technology, internet of things (IOT) and artificial intelligence (AI) in its business modules.


Dato’ Sri Ting believes in diversifying the company’s interest in various industries to mitigate the Company’s economic risk. With the wide range of industries, the Richwood Group is well equipped for any economic downturn and will not be too burdened by the risks.


Although the finance industry is Dato’ Sri Ting’s stronghold, he strongly believes that property is the one asset that only grows in value with time and will not depreciate like other assets. Following his philosophy, he went on to acquire lands and properties all over Malaysia and surrounding countries in Asia. As part of the natural progression of the Company’s growth, he has decided to venture into development to increase the earning ratio of his land and assets.


In line with its growth philosophy and to enhance the Richwood Group’s standing, the Richwood Group has entered into several joint venture agreements with respected organization and companies. The Richwood Group has also ventured into many industries and have investment in several public listed companies in the United States of America, Singapore and Hong Kong and several small to medium size companies all over Asia Pacific.


The Richwood Group has invested as an institutional investor into several listed and pre-IPO companies and our portfolio includes QMIS TBS Capital Group Corp, a company pending listing on NASDAQ Global market and NYSE; and Finaz Morgan Limited, a company involved in e-banking, blockchain, payment gateway and other financial services listed on OTC Pink market, to name a few. The Richwood Group is always on the lookout for new and viable businesses that it can invest into to expand and diversify its portfolio.

  1. US$ 7.0 Bn in AUM, representing one - quarter of entire ASEAN AUM

  2. US$ 5.9 bn invested in portfolion companies

  3. US$ 1.1 bn in the cheque books of Malaysia - based GPs

Investment Landscape In Malaysia

“Malaysia is a combination of natural resources and young, digital-savvy, trend-conscious population, allowing business in sectors supporting the demographic to be successful”

Digitally savvy Ripe of investor to support growing demand

$ 26.2 Billion AUM of ASEAN Focus, ASEAN based GPs

$ 7 Billion AUM of Malaysia PEVC GPs

Young population Hot bed for entrepreneurial growth and key factor for vibrant investment

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